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Irvine Valley College: Community College in Irvine, California


I'm Vanya Filippov and I studied at Irvine Valley College to learn more about Aerial Photography in OC. Every time I turned in a project, the professor was always impressed and gave me a solid 50 out of 50. Because of that past experience, I thought, why not start a business, affordable to everyone, that specializes in Videography Orange County. I love video and it's my passion. Moreover, I've actually been flying remote-controlled aircrafts since I was two. But professionally, in early 2014, I bought a DJI Phantom 2 Vision and started creating my very first good looking drone footage. In 2015 I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Professional and so on.

Right now I use a DJI Inspire 2 as my daily driver. It's got a very good, high dynamic range camera capable of shooting video up to 5.2K. However, because of the huge amount of storage that takes up and taking highest end computers such as the Mac Pro to export for at least 24 hours, most of the footage you'll be getting will be either in 4K, or 1080p. But remember, 5.2K shooting capabilities mean that pixels will be a lot denser than usual and there is a lot more room to play in editing, such as zooming in digitally without losing 4K/1080p resolution. The inspire 2's raised landing gear also makes it possible to not only look up that the sky, but to also never get those pesky propellers in beautiful shots.

There is currently a huge demand for Drone Footage Orange County, and you may ask yourself the question: Why should I choose you over other services? I'll be more than happy to tell you. Simply put, my prices are lower than other video services. On top of that, I don't only specialize in drone footage, but also in Videography Orange County. For example, if you do taekwondo, I can film a video dedicated to you and your taekwondo sport. I'd also say I do Videography Southern California. Because I can do video outside the county but still fairly close. e.g. LA County.


Feature drone photo&video

$ 300

1-3 min Edited Video
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Feature drone photo&video

$ 400

2-4 min Edited Video
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